The year 2020 will forever remain etched in our minds and hearts as a radical year. A time when on a global scale, every single human being was impacted and had to face tremendous changes and disruptions along with overwhelming loss, grief, panic, uncertainty and fear.

However, the biggest lesson(a gift in disguise if choose to see it) that I wish to take and teach my daughter from 2020 is how to be RESILIENT. It’s an incredible life skill that is not automatically wired in our brain but can only be taught through experience and observation. The definition of resilient is the ability to be able to recover and “bounce back” from difficult conditions.

I wanted to dissect this word even further to explain and show my daughter the actions, behaviours and mindset that makes you resilient. My hope is that you can, in turn, pass this onto your children, let’s ensure future generations will be taught how to be tough, empathic and adaptable.

R– Re-organize your environment– adapt and change what is or isn’t working for you

EExternal offering help to others– if feel hopeless then volunteer to assist the helpless

SSupport system– create a group of family or friends that can connect and rely on

I-Incredible faith, belief and hope– having spiritual connection or community

LLove and understanding– have empathy and compassion for all humanity and animals

IInternal enquiry– always keep asking yourself meaningful questions to get clear on values & life views

EElders wisdom– we can learn from our past and history, our elders have endured and can teach us

NNever give up– always a solution, our pain becomes our purpose and breakthroughs makes us better

TTake heart– tune in and listen to your inner wisdom to guide you

Now, I wish to ask you this, ‘how resilient are you?’

I’m sure you can see what a beautiful skill and gift it can be to teach and pass onto your children. May it also highlight where you can strengthen your resiliency. Our children learn from us and from what they see and hear. Let’s encourage each other, in our family, our friend circles and communities how we can “bounce back” from this pandemic. Let’s look back a few years from much stronger, wiser and closer. Let us be truly Resilient!

Thank you 2020 for this lesson.