Hello Fellow Mamma,

What does well-being mean for you?

What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? Or even taste like?

Whatever well-being is to you, you are here because you are seeking to have more of it!  

I’m Candice, owner and creator of Connected Well-Being. Welcome and I look forward to assisting you to navigate your way to awesome well-being for yourself and your family.

One of my big beliefs is that when we feel better, we can do better!

For me Well-Being feels like self-love, inner peace and vitality. It sounds like fun and laughter with my family. It looks like that natural, radiant glow from within and it tastes like nutritious super-foods.

However, you’re probably a busy working Mom just like me, so you have experienced the fatigue, sacrifices and natural instinct to give all of yourself to your family. This leads to you feeling drained, overwhelmed, disconnected etc. You may have lost what your idea of well-being is, too tired and just doing the basics to keep going.

Well, I’m here to support you, motivate and teach you how to get back your well-being vibe, feel full of energy, thrive with happiness and fulfilment. You deserve to have it and actually MUST prioritise your well-being as you are the core of your family.

When you are connected and living with well-being, your family benefits and your life unfolds with more harmony, health and deeper meaning on all levels.

I’ve been a wellness explorer and teacher for over 12 years, read more about me and my story here  or lets connect one-on-one. Start your journey today towards having the well-being and life you want!

“Your Well-Being is THE first step towards achieving anything. You cannot begin to access your true happiness and fulfill your dreams without it in place“  – Candice

Connected Heart Parenting

Hi Amazing Mamma, you’re on your way to being an even more awesome Mom. You are on this page because you have asked for the FREE download (Chaos to Calm- 5 everyday strategies for Moms) and it is on the way to your inbox.

OR  You are here via a link from Facebook or Instagram and you are welcome to get a copy of the Chaos to Calm download *insert internal link to useful resources*. I share my own tried and tested practical tips that will definitely assist you to start experiencing more calm and harmony in your home.

Before you go click and read your download, I’d like to give you a very special offer to get the Connected Heart Parenting Course at a launch discount. Watch the video below:

Discover How to Have More Calm and Less Chaos

So you can move through your parenting journey with more ease, fun and connection with your children.

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One on One

Hi Beautiful Mamma, how would you like to have an incredible, tranquil hour of ‘me-time’ in a serene space where you can just be… I invite you to pause right now actually and take 2 deep breathes in and out… in and out. Aaahhh, that feels good.                  Come enjoy a peaceful meditation, release some stress, gain some new direction and get the energy boost you need.

You definitely deserve this time as you are always looking after everyone else but you know you need some self-love too. You are the core of your family and it is a priority that you take care of yourself. I know this as I’ve overcome extreme fatigue myself and had to learn the hard way, you can read more about me and my story here about me.

With some sessions together you will feel more aligned and connected with yourself, which means you experience more positive flow in all areas in your life. Take a moment to picture what more well-being look and feels like for you…

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Private: Connected Pregnancy

Guiding and supporting Moms-to-Be to birth their babes consciously….

Parenting starts from the moment you conceive. Your thoughts, emotions and daily habits are already impacting your unborn babe.

I know that every Mom wants to give their child the best possible start and loving entry into this big world.

I’m busy developing a 5-week online course sharing the information, steps, nutrition, birthing preparation that I used to successfully birth my daughter naturally without any medication (but definitely not without my kick-ass Midwife, my incredible Mom and supportive Husband).

Watch out on my Facebook page when this will launch. Aiming for January 2019.

About Me

I am a mindful mother to an amazing, inquisitive, kind-hearted 6 year-old daughter. I’ve been with my Husband, for 18 years (married for 12) and he is my rock. I deeply cherish my family and close friends.

I call myself a wellness explorer as I’ve been reading, experimenting and learning alternative holistic ways since the age of 13. My Mom began this fascinating journey and I tagged along and it’s become an incredible, spiritual bond as we teach and share our accumulated wisdom in our own unique platforms and recently together in our Beautiful Mindful Souls retreats I tagged along and it’s become an incredible, spiritual bond between us. We both love teaching and sharing our accumulated wisdom via our different platforms and recently together in our Beautiful Mindful Souls Retreats.

I am a genuine, sincere, nature-loving optimist. Enthusiastic exercise addict, I like variety so it ranges from yoga to resistant weights, cardio HIIT, pilates or barre workouts. I exercise to melt the stress(and hopefully some fat too), to feel strong and show my daughter that it’s a part of self-care.

I’m a healthy, conscious eater who is creative with gluten-free options since I was struck with an intolerance 2 years ago (more about this later). I still need to master a great GF carrot cake as it used to be my favouritest.

I love listening to Podcasts on parenting, nutrition, health, relationships, self-development and entrepreneurship. I thrive when I’m continually learning and it’s great way to make driving in the car (or sitting in traffic) more enjoyable.

I’ve discovered that in one way or another I’ve always loved teaching and sharing information.  More specifically, my purpose now is to support fellow Mammas. Offering information that will inspire, motivate and guide these amazing souls To Be, To Live and To Have the well-being, happiness and fulfillment they desire.

Read more about my story…

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