Hello Beautiful Soul, thank you for taking the time to connect and learn a bit more about me.
I’ve discovered that in one way or another I’ve always loved teaching and enjoyed connecting and helping people from young. Since becoming a Mom, my purpose now  specifically, is to support fellow Mammas on this journey. Offering practical life ‘tools’ and information that will inspire, motivate and guide them To Be, To Live and To Have the well-being, happiness and fulfilment they desire.

On a more personal note… I am a genuine, sincere, nature-loving optimist. Enthusiastic exercise addict. I like variety, it ranges from yoga to resistant weights, cardio HIIT, Pilates or barre workouts. I exercise to melt the stress(and hopefully some fat too), to feel strong and show my daughter that it’s a part of self-care.



I love being a mindful mother to an amazing, inquisitive, kind-hearted 7 year-old daughter. I’ve been with my Husband, for 19 years (married for 13) and he is my huge foundation rock. I deeply cherish my family and close friends.


I’m a healthy, conscious eater who is creative with gluten-free options since I was struck with an intolerance 2 years ago (more about this later). I still need to master a great GF carrot cake as it used to be my favorite.  

I love listening to Podcasts on parenting, nutrition, health, relationships, self-development and entrepreneurship. I thrive when I’m continually learning and it’s great way to make driving in the car (or sitting in traffic) more enjoyable.


Read more about my story…

I was sitting rocking my baby girl (she was about 2 weeks old) and I looked deep into her eyes and I vowed that I was going to be the best Mom that I could be! And then, I panicked as a wave of overwhelm washed over me. S#*t! I’ve made this promise but actually have no idea how to follow through! We’re expected to just know and get on with it. After some tears and deep thought, I made a decision to go on this QUEST for knowledge!

I knew I wanted to be a conscious parent. With my degree in Psychological Counselling- I know that the first 7 years of a child’s life is imperative and that the family environment has a huge impact. Whoa….here comes that overwhelming feeling again…deep breathes… the pressure, I don’t want to mess up this precious soul’s life… I will never forget this quote I came across:

“Children are like wet cement- everything small and big leaves an impression on them.”

The more reading I did, the more confused I got… Different parenting styles, discipline methods, nutrition for toddlers, vaccination dilemmas, schooling choices, how to get more sleep etc. There is a lot of information out there!

However it did lead me to 2 realizations:

First, I needed to do some internal work- to release some past issues and coach myself to regulate my own emotions better. Trusting my own intuition, being more connected and tuning into my child.
Second, I started to learn more about how the child’s brain develops and how to communicate with them These 2 paths lead me to a better and more peaceful state where I could now truly begin becoming the parent I wanted to be for myself and my daughter.

Now 7 years later. It’s been an incredible & challenging journey thus far…forcing me to grow and learn on many levels. Loads of books, research, parenting talks and completing an international parenting course myself I now want to share this accumulated wisdom with my fellow Mammas. Because I know this parenting thing is tough and that what I teach will make it easier. My Connected Heart Parenting Course was created!

I truly realize that every parent is doing the best they can, however on some level, always wanting to be better. My online course is jam-packed with information, time-saving, convenient and affordable. I share the information and methods that I have used and continue to use to create the mindful, holistic, joyful & connected relationship my daughter. (and naturally with myself first as well as with my husband).

My wish for every amazing Mamma is to achieve her own beautiful well-being and happiness, living life fully and able to enjoy a connected family for life ♥.