Parenty Article- September 2020

Spring Clean Your Mind

4 Ways to Effectively Declutter Your Thoughts

Beautiful blossoms, bright green leaves and sweet fragrance in the air… Spring is here! A season that symbolizes a fresh start, new beginnings and growth.

I invite you to take this seasonal energy within now and think about the aspects in your life that you wish to grow and thrive. I’m sure some have sprung into your mind already. Just like the winter trees shed leaves to make space for the new buds to bloom in Spring, the same applies to our thoughts. Have you shaken your tree of ‘dead’ leaves? Are there maybe even some thin branches that need to be removed to allow more growth?

Here are my 4 suggested methods you can try out to spring clean your mind:

  • Brain ‘download’ – get out some paper, not just 1 sheet, you’re doing a proper brain ‘purge’. Maybe some soft music on in the background & grab a cuppa. Now just write down ALL the things that have been sitting or nagging your thoughts continuously. These could be: ‘I must remember to do list’, an argument/disagreement playing on repeat, a friend or family you’re worried about, a DIY task that’s unfinished or a creative project you’ve been wanting to start. Get as much as you can, into words and onto paper. It doesn’t have to be neat and pretty, just write and keep going.

You’ve now literally freed up mental space. You will feel amazing. An instant lightness in your head. Extra space to now think new thoughts and ideas.

  • Burn it or Blow it– involves a candle or lighter and paper. This is powerful for releasing heavy emotions, past hurts, a bad memory or working with forgiveness. Sit for a few minutes with the intention to call to your present memory aspects that you wish to release. Allow then to pop up, without getting attached emotionally or judging them. Write down the key points of what comes up for you.

For the satisfying part, let it burn. Make sure you have a suitable dish to place paper into while it burns. Watch as it turns to ash and simply give yourself permission to let go and forgive.

If you don’t wish to engage with flames. Then an alternative is to buy some bubbles, preferably the bigger hoops that make lovely visual bubbles. Same applies as above, think of an aspect and then blow bubbles and see them float and then pop. Repeat until you feel as though you’ve released enough.

  • Toss a Rock– plan a picnic and go to your local park. Find some rocks/pebbles (not bricks), about 5-7 should be good. If there is a little dam or river, even better. Holding one in your hand at a time, bring to mind a negative thought, or memory or frustration that you no longer want to have stuck in your thoughts. Then throw your pebble as hard as you can either into the dam or even just into the bushes nearby.

The action of throwing away is a great connection for your brain and emotions to make. Get your partner and kids involved too. It can be fun to release and shift our emotions together.

  • Emotional Detox– requires a bit more time and commitment. But definitely worth it. I did this with a Re-birthing coach over 15 years ago and have repeated it several times since then. 

The method is that for 5 days, in the morning and evening you write your healing statement out 35 times each. A total of 70 times each day. When we write out such feelings, there is a strong brain and emotion connection. By day 3 you may start to feel the shift in your mind and heart. Push through to day 5 and for some might extend it to 7 days. Find your statement, just one sentence/aspect per 5-day cycle. Doesn’t have to be neat and after all, days are done you may wish to burn or shred all the papers as a big final release.

Example statements:

I choose to release…(insert emotion or memory)

I love and forgive…. (insert person) for ….. (insert the behaviour)

Enjoy Spring cleaning your ind and remember time spent on healing your body, mind and emotions is always productive and beneficial. Allow your beautiful new ideas and inspiration to blossom!

Well-Being Wishes