I’ve been starting to feel the end-of-year blues creeping in… even some anxiety and a good dose of ‘imposter syndrome’ as well. Have I achieved enough this year? Did I get to tick off big goals? Did I fulfil my purpose or get closer to my potential? My chest got tight, clouds of self-doubt rolled in and I started feeling distressed. I’m truly not ready for this year to be over.

I am sure there are other Mammas who are feeling similar to me. Maybe even you’ve had some of this the last few weeks. How quickly those thoughts can take over. We all experience overwhelm! With practice and mindfulness, you can bounce out of it a lot quicker and easier and not get stuck in it.

So I paused, remembered what I know (and teach). Stop the negative spiral and do something positive for the mind and body. For me that would be a good 30 minute yoga session followed by 20-30mins of meditating. An hour to ‘unplug’ from everything. Which I did, it gave me space to breathe, to reconnect with my inner knowing and shift my energy. I know it seems cliched but that combination of breathing, stretching and stillness truly can shift your mind and heart, no matter what you are feeling.

After that, with a clearer mind and open heart, these are the inspiring and comforting words that I was guided to share. May you find some reassurance for your heart today:

I hope for you that you can reflect and realize how much you have grown. You are constantly evolving and unfolding beautifully.

I hope for you that any pain, heart-ache, sadness or past traumas can be eased and  you can find healing and forgiveness.

I hope you can look around every day and observe at least 10 things that fill you with deep gratitude and joy.

I hope you always remember the small simple life pleasures that we can’t live without. The real hugs, smiles and human connection.

I hope you can find moments of peace and stillness each day and connect with your inner radiance.

I hope that you can tune in with more LOVE in everything you do. Trust your heart and follow the path of love always.

I hope that your children keep shining their light and can stay aligned and true to their heart and soul.

I hope you can wrap your arms around yourself right now. Give yourself some love. May you remember that you are amazing and loveable just as you are.

May you read this (at least twice over) and allow the words and my wishes wash over you. Have a beauty-full, peace-full and joy-full Festive Season with your loved ones. Treat each day as a gift and open it hour by hour, letting it unfold with ease, love and presence.

From my heart, to yours, I send Well-Being Wishes.