I don’t mean that kind! I’m referring to you digging deep within yourself and your life to find your golden treasure. What special gift, talent or creation is within you and needing to be shared with the world?

Let’s look at some keywords, a few facts and idioms around GOLD to deepen our connection and understanding of it.

Basic Keywords: wealth, love, wisdom, excellence, magic and value.

Gold is a precious metal that changed humanity’s life/existence forever. Discovered all over the world in many cultures. Going as far back as Paleolithic times around 40 000 BC when it was preserved in Spanish caves. It is mentioned in both the Old Testament and New Testament. What comes out strongly across the different cultures, artefacts, jewelry and stories is that Gold has always been treasured as valuable.


There are several beautiful idioms that have emerged in many languages. In English these are some of the common ones we use:

  • To strike gold
  • The gold standard
  • Heart of gold
  • A gold mine of information
  • Silence is golden

It is almost universally, associated with the sun. The colour and object both symbolize justice, prestige and luxury.

Now that you’re remembering all the wonderful connections we have with gold. It’s time to help you uncover your own beautiful ‘nugget’.

We have 2 months left of this year, that is 62 days and 1448 hours to be more exact (on published date 30th October). There is still time to ‘go for gold’ and achieve something awesome before this year is over. Please don’t give in now and put your goals on hold.

Here are my 4 steps to get you going towards your gold (goal):

Gget clear – pick ONE thing that you truly want to focus on and prioritize. Something off your goal list or vision board that truly lights you up.

O- out of comfort zones– push yourself and get a bit uncomfortable. Everything is waiting on the other side of the fear/procrastination. Push through it. You are bigger than these!

L- love yourself through it– Be your own coach and believe in yourself! Say those positive mantras and do your mirror ‘high-fives’ every day!

D- do the work and get it done– write down small action steps that will help you achieve progress towards the big end goal. Make these do-able and remember to celebrate every small ‘win’ along the way.

One extra one I would add is to get an accountability buddy. Chat to a few friends and maybe even start a little ‘Go for Gold group’. You can motivate, keep track and support each other.

Go on! The world needs what ever is within you. Your unique book, creation, teaching, invention, art or wisdom. And just like gold, you can bring illumination, value and magic! Sprinkle it, spread it and share it!