Parenty Article- July 2020

A Mug Moment for Moms  

Picture this…standing in a beautiful, luscious green garden. Soaking in the warm sunshine with a clear blue sky above you. Birds gently tweeting and colourful flowers showing off their natural beauty. You have your favourite cup of tea or coffee in your hands. With every delicious warm sip, you feel relaxed and refreshed.

You’ve just had a taste of A Mind-still Mug Moment…. You’re welcome!

We have all heard and or read articles in the last few years around the buzz word ‘mindful’. To be more aware and present in our daily lives. I do not like this word. I think our minds are full enough thank you. We are continually consuming media, songs, stories, worries, statistics, family gossip (you get the idea). I would prefer to shift that word to be ‘mind-still’. We need to be able to engage in some quiet and stillness to clear our headspace. We can then be more aware of our mind which gives us clarity with where we direct our thoughts and actions.

I’m all about practicality and how we can make positive small daily habits. Hence, my ‘light-bulb moment’ of a Mind-still Mug Moment. 90% of people have at least 2 cups of tea or coffee a day. Why not turn these tea time moments into a quiet, meaningful pause. You might be like me and take half an hour to finish a cup or get distracted and gulp the cold half remaining an hour later.  You want to enjoy your Mind-Still moment in the first 2-5 minutes of making your beverage and only 2- 3 times a day. Not every cup has to be or can be relaxing.

Here are the steps to guide you through it. Once you’ve done it a few times, you will find your own special formula to create your Mind-still Mug moment.

Step1: Make your hot cuppa of choice

Step 2: Find a place to stand or sit where you can have 2-3 mins uninterrupted.

Step 3: Hold Mug between hands, take 3 deep breathes and allow your Mind-Still Mug Moment to unfold.

Step 4: Engage with the 5 senses to heighten your experience. You can do this with eyes open or closed (depending on who or what is around you). Feel the heat of the mug, hear your breathing or external sounds around you. Smell the aroma of your tea/coffee. Then take a sip and taste the sweetness, herbal flavour or bitterness. You feel the warm liquid move down your throat and into your belly, providing nourishment and comfort.

Step 5: (An extra optional). You may either choose a quick positive mantra to repeat in your mind or visualisation that relaxes you (ie. Sitting on a beach or on a mountain top).

Step 6: Stay here for a few minutes if you can. Enjoy some more deep breathes. Think about and feel your gratitude.

Taking these mini mental pauses throughout your day will benefit your well-being hugely. Research has proven that mediation and deep breathing can decrease your blood pressure, boost your serotonin levels and ease anxiety. I’ve also noticed it increases my level of calm capacity, which is very helpful when it comes to our daily parenting challenges.

Give yourself the gift of these Mind-Still Mug moments and enjoy the mental clarity and positive energy. You will be able to work better and parent better as you take each day one mug at a time!