Is Your Connection Faulty or Fixed?

I’m not talking about your Wi-Fi or cell phone connection, but the real energy exchange that exists between two people or the interaction with mother nature in the animal kingdom and then beyond into the Universe.

It is one of my core values in how I view and live my life every day. (No coincidence I called my business Connected Well-Being). The connection is the ultimate and the everything. It is a magnetic, invisible force that holds and supports all of life.

Connection as a noun is defined as a relationship in which a person or thing is linked with something else. What I would like to share and discuss here, is your state of connection. How in tune are you with yourself? What are the bonds in your relationships like? Can you feel linked to nature and the elements?

Next, a quick look at what I mean by a faulty connection. This would occur when there is a weak signal or poor communication, mistrust own self, separate thinking and constant mood swings. May also lack meaningful, deeper interactions with close family.

Now you are aware of what faulty looks like, what about fixed connections? A good connection occurs when there is a strong line between two points, a secure link is in place. If think of an electric cable, the electricity flows properly when the cable is in good condition and securely attached between the two objects.

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With this awareness between faulty and fixed, here are some practical ways to increase and strengthen your connection:


-Journaling is wonderful for self-discovery and self-reflection.

-Meditation practice, be still, go within and listen.

-Do more of what you love to do. Things that light you up and fills you with joy.

mindfulness with candice luck


-Create family traditions, like weekend movie night or Sunday Funday activities.

-Daily connection bubbles. Having real one on one time for just 20minutes a day.

-Check-in and have heart to heart chats every week.


-Get involved in charities and volunteer your time.

-Start a local park clean-up project.

-Online funding campaigns make it easy to contribute to good causes globally

You have to address your internal connection first before you focus on the other two. Once you have this inner wisdom link in place, it will guide you with how and what you do with your family and community.

If you truly want to start improving your connection, ask yourself these questions at the end of the day. Use the answers to guide you, to create and strengthen your beautiful connections. Remember, what you do consistently becomes constant.


Did I connect deeply with my family?

What new connections did I make?

Where could I have made better connections?

You are in control of the connection currents flowing in your life. From time to time there will be faults, that’s normal. But if you leave faults for too long it results in complete dis-connection and then it becomes more difficult to fix. Rather keep doing the small maintenance and that will ensure strong continuous, healthy connections.      It is, after all, the one fundamental force that keeps all of us together.