Do you mind, your mind?

You have to keep in mind, that your mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy!

Experts estimate we have on average between 60 000- 80 000 thoughts per day, that is around 2500- 3300 per hour. Obviously, a lot of those are subconscious or automatic thoughts that direct our body to carry out tasks. Research done by The National Science Foundation found that up to 80% of our thoughts tend to be negative. That’s because our brains are wired to look for the dangers, often which are false or have a small risk of harming us.

meditation with candice luck

Managing and focusing your mind on the positive therefore requires some re-wiring and consistent practice. Just like muscles have to be trained regularly to get stronger and better. Remember that our brains continue to grow and change (referred to as neuroplasticity). Your mind is also not fixed and can continue to change if you encourage and nourish it.

Motivation is like the positive vitamins your mind needs on a daily basis to give it a boost and ensure it stays healthy. Do be sure to get your Omega 3 supplements as the real supplement needed to protect and keep your brain healthy.

Now, I would like to share with you some of my personal strategies I use to keep my mind going and growing.

I absolutely love listening to podcasts on self-growth, nutrition, family wellness, international speakers and more. What are you filling your mind with? I choose to tune into a podcast in the car rather than the news on the radio. I also listen while I’m preparing dinner or unpacking the dishwasher or folding the laundry. There are many ‘pockets of time’ that you can be filling your mind with amazing information and inspiration.

mindfulness with Candice Luck

The next mindset strategy that I use every day is called Afformation. Yes, similar to positive affirmations but stating positive questions. This concept was created and published by Noah St. John. By adding “why” into your positive statements, the subconscious mind doesn’t get triggered or have a chance to interrupt the thought. The questions instead instruct the subconscious to look for answers to the “why” questions and also suggests to the mind that what you want has already taken place.

Example: I am rich, would then be Why am I so rich? See the difference.

By asking empowering questions, it can definitely shift your mind and thinking. Noah St. John believes afformations was the ‘missing link’ in truly being able to manifest and change your life.

I’ve also found it very beneficial to use afformations to re-program limiting self-beliefs.

Example: I’m not good with numbers and looking after my money, would be turned into: Why am I so brilliant with numbers and managing my money.

Lastly, you know of this one already and hopefully practice some type of meditation and breath-work. They make a phenomenal combination and research has proven the beneficial impact on your mind! Not just for yogis or monks but your top entrepreneurs are practising and sharing that it’s one of their top keys to their success. There is no excuse with all the easy apps available to guide you or the thousands of life coaches, holistic therapists or wellness teachers therapists (myself included) that can assist and teach you.

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There you have it, 3 of my top strategies to keep your mind growing and focused on the positive. Because what you focus on, energy flows into. Make your mind your friend, take the lead and you create the life you want! It all starts in the mind! Your thoughts affect your actions and behaviours which then results in the choices and decisions you make which then ultimately create your reality.

I’m sure, you will now definitely start spending more time minding your mind!