From my home to yours

Hello, I’m Candice. A holistic mom who loves to teach, motivate and guide other mothers to reconnect with their inner wisdom, re-align with passion and purpose and thrive while enjoying well-being for themselves and their family.

I’ve been exploring and practising holistic healing since a young age. With a Degree in Psychological Counselling and over 20 years of alternative healing experience and research I’ve created this business where I wish to share my accumulated knowledge so that loads more Moms can  be empowered with ‘tools’ to create and have their desired holistic and fulfilled life with their families. 




I’m here to support, motivate and teach you how to get back your well-being vibe, feel full of energy, have natural family harmony and enjoy the life fulfilment you want. You deserve to have it and actually MUST prioritise your well-being as you, AMAZING Mamma, are the core of your family.