One on One Sessions

Hi Beautiful Mamma, how would you like to have an incredible, tranquil hour of ‘me-time’ in a serene space where you can just be… I invite you to pause right now actually and take 2 deep breathes in and out… in and out. Aaahhh, that feels good. Come enjoy a peaceful meditation, release some stress, gain some new direction and get the energy boost you need.

You definitely deserve this time as you are always looking after everyone else but you know you need some self-love too. You are the core of your family and it is a priority that you take care of yourself. I know this as I’ve overcome extreme fatigue myself and had to learn the hard way, you can read more about me and my story here about me.

With some sessions together you will feel more aligned and connected with yourself, which means you experience more positive flow in all areas in your life. Take a moment to picture what more well-being look and feels like for you…

    What would your ideal, average day in your household look like for you and your family?

    Perhaps it goes something like this… You wake up with a little smile, knowing that every day is truly a gift. You are filled with a natural zestful energy, content with life and eager to start another beautiful day. You can get your morning ‘ritual’ done peacefully to start and set your day ahead with positive intentions and a grateful heart.

    Your kids get ready for school easily, the lunch bags are done in a breeze, your partner is cheerful and helpful. The car ride to school is happy and buzzing with interesting chatter.

    You have a successful day at work as you have more mental clarity, better time management and doing something that you love and enjoy. Your career flourishes as you do, making constant progress towards your beautiful dreams (family holidays, new home furniture, growing your savings etc)

    Then the afternoon and evening is filled with ease, laughter and a delicious nutritious dinner for the family.  There are no bedtime battles and you get to relax and have some time with your partner (who by the way admires and adores you.) You’ve had a productive, joyful, calm, healthy & love-filled day.

    This can become your ‘normal’ as opposed to random… it’s possible because I am blessed that I get to have most days like this. There will still be some crazy, icky days (the Universe will keep life interesting) but you can ride through these days easier when you are more centered, mindful and have your foundation of well-being in place.

    How does a peaceful day like this unfold?

    Because, you felt aligned within yourself, driven in your career and focused in the moment. You are able to have loads more quality time with your children and meaningful connections with everyone, including yourself. WHY? Because you are CONNECTED with yourself and you are the centre of your family circle.

    When, you amazing Mamma are happy, connected and feeling fulfilled then your family revolves around you in this harmony bubble and the energy ripples out to them and they respond to you with more co-operation, joy and love. All aspects of your life are connected and will flow better!

    I would love to support, teach and guide you to get your desired well-being and life fulfillment you desire.

    We can get connected in 2 ways: Online or In-Person

    1. Thank goodness for modern technology, I can do online sessions with you where I share and teach you practical & easy ways to shift your thinking and habits in order to get you back on track with your well-being. As well as ways to maintain your energy levels and family relationships. Every session will include a 10 minute meditation.

    These are your ‘Me-Time investments’. I promise that I will show up for you in every session. Giving you my focus, providing you with positive support, helpful information and the steps needed to take you to your new levels of well-being and happiness.

    You can purchase your online session right now and then schedule your ideal timeslot. Your ‘Me-Time’ investment is R500. 


    Email: Send me an Email  to book your ideal time.


    1.  It would be super awesome to connect in person. I would love to work with you and provide you with a nurturing space where you can de-stress and experience a unique session just for you. Discussing your current obstacles and determining practical ways you can navigate them so you can get back on track with your well-being and life. Your ‘Soul-Investment’ is R600. 


    A 60min session to support you with any current life obstacles and practical ways to overcome them so you can do more, be more and enjoy more well-being. You will also have an energy balance while you melt into a relaxing meditation leaving you renewed and boosted on all levels.

    If you are able to, then you are going to also want to experience my NEW one-of-kind Connected Element Activation sessions. A unique 90min session harnessing the healing power of  nature’s Elements to de-stress, re-balance and re-connect you to your own internal harmony. Aligned and re-energized to create the life you want.


    Are you curious yet? Want to know what a Connected Element Activation session entails? I don’t want to tell you too much as it will minimize your actual experience. What I will share is that you will really be immersed in each element with a beautiful, tactile process. I’ll share the first element, it is Earth and when you come for a session, you will place your feet into a container of soft soil sprinkled with fresh lavender and petals….can you start to feel and smell that earthy aroma.

    Picture candles glowing, calming essential oils fill the air, gentle music playing and refreshing herbal teas to sip on…I’m sure as you read this your heart and mind are saying a big YES! I NEED THIS!

    Book your unique Connected Element Activation session  Connected Element Activation session

    My aim is to connect you with every element so you can use them to assist you to:

    • Release stress from your body
    • Align with your inner wisdom
    • Rejuvenate your heart
    • Visualize and manifest your dreams

    I look forward to meeting you and providing you with my special, one-of-a-kind elemental session that I guarantee will energize, align and activate you on all levels. It will be the best R750 you spend on yourself in a good while.

    Here are some other benefits you can experience when we connect one-on-one:

    • Mental clarity and focus
    • New inspiration and motivation
    • Inner peace and calm
    • Shift old energy blocks
    • Gentle emotional release
    • Creativity activation
    • And much more


    Client Testimonial : The Connected Element Session

    I discovered myself again through the elements (fire, air, water, sand). I felt grounded and complete acceptance of myself, through this journey with Candice. We often live our lives running around and we don’t take a chance to press the pause button and connect back with nature and our bodies. Candice is intuitive and assists you to connect with the now and to appreciate your life journey using the elements to connect back to basics!

    I would highly recommend the Connected Element Session to feel grounded with the elements and your senses in the now but to also reflect on your journey and the excitement for the future! If I could gift this experience to all my loved ones I would!!!!
    Thank you Candice for the memorable experience and your beautiful space

     Lauren, Cape Town


    Client Testimonial: One on One Session

    When I consulted with Candice I had no idea what to expect. All I needed was to lift the weight off my shoulders. And that’s exactly what I got. I felt like a brand new person and I felt light. ❤️❤️❤️. Appreciate you Candice xoxo


     Edna, Mom of 2